Please / Per Favore

As you visit this site, I hope you will please remember:

The purpose of this site is to unfold and reveal the writings of a little boy, whose home was still Italy at the time of his writing, someone for whom the politics of the playground were probably more important than the politics between countries.

During WWII, children and young adults were often required to join propagandist clubs or organizations to be indoctrinated in their country’s ideology. They, and their parents, often had little choice in the matter. To be eligible to enroll in school, membership may have been mandatory.

This diary may reference events or ideologies that reflect this indoctrination. As teachers, my grandparents may have been required to teach such ideologies. It’s impossible to know for certain, however, whether they were “true believers,” or if instead, they were simply trying to protect their children.

While I have studied the Italian language for 3+ years, I’m not a professional translator. I will do my best to translate what I believe were my father’s thoughts and feelings as he wrote them down as a child. Occasionally there may be a word or phase for which I will seek help for translation. If you notice a word or phrase whose meaning I have completely misunderstood, I’m happy to receive an email or message correcting my mistake!

Whatever we discover along the way, this website and the translation of the diary intends no disrespect to any person, living or deceased. This is not meant to be a political blog. I ask that those who wish to leave comments, contributions, or thoughts please do so with respect for others as well. I reserve the right to remove comments and threads.